Digital Signal Processing, ECE431H1F

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Instructor: Prof. Steve Mann and W. James MacLean
(Mann's office=Sandford Fleming room 2001; MacLean's office=EA314); and


LEC 01  1   Wed     9:00    10:00   BA1200      Mann, Steve
        2   Thu     10:00   11:00   BA1210      Mann, Steve
        3   Mon     12:00   13:00   BA1200      Mann, Steve
LEC 02  1   Tue     13:00   14:00   RS208       MacLean, J
        2   Thu     13:00   14:00   GB119       MacLean, J
        3   Fri     13:00   14:00   BA1200      MacLean, J
PRA 01  1   Tue     15:00   18:00   BA3114      Alternates starting Sep 20
PRA 02  1   Mon     15:00   18:00   BA3114      Alternates starting Sep 12
PRA 03  1   Fri     15:00   18:00   BA3114      Alternates starting Sep 23
PRA 04  1   Fri     15:00   18:00   BA3114      Alternates starting Sep 16
TUT 01  1   Thu     15:00   16:00   BA2175
TUT 02  1   Wed     10:00   11:00   HA401
TUT 03  1   Tue     14:00   15:00   WB219
TUT 04  1   Wed     15:00   16:00   WB119
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Lab Handouts and Information Labs are mostly done as take-home assignments, but the lab rooms are open according to the schedule indicated on the lab handouts and information page (link above).


As per the schedule indicated above.

Tutorial Problems

Lecture Topics Covered

Prof. Mann (L0101)

Prof. MacLean (L0102)

To date we have covered the following text sections:

Not in the text we have covered:

In addition, the following text sections should be reviewed on your own:

Lecture Topics Covered Will Include:

Review of discrete signals and systems
Sampling of continuous time signals
Multirate systems
The Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT)
Brief review of the Z-transform
Nonrecursive (FIR) and recursive (IIR) systems
Digital filter design
Quantization and Round-off noise effects
1-D and 2-D Digital Signal Processing
Applications to communications, spectral analysis and multimedia
  1. Class notes (the notes you take in class should be your main reference, above and beyond the texts)
  2. Alan V. Oppenheim and R.W. Schafer with John Buck, Discrete Time Signal Processing, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall Inc, 1998. [Text]
  3. Optional supplemental text: John G. Proakis and Dimitris G. Manolakis, Introduction to Digital Signal Processing, Mcmillan Inc., 1988.
  4. Optional supplemental material on image processing: Intelligent Image Processing, John Wiley and Sons, 2001.

Composition of Final Mark:
      Final Exam              50%
      Midterm Test            25%
      Laboratory assignments  25%
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Proposed midterm date; confirmation letter sent to professor(s):

Undergraduate Office                         ECE431F      MIDTERM
Sandford Fleming Building
Room B600                                    OSM Reservation   565221
University of Toronto
Dy-Mon-Yr    Bld/Room    Start    End     Building Name

19-OCT-05    GB  404     18:00   20:00    Galbraith Building
19-OCT-05    GB  405     18:00   20:00    Galbraith Building

Please take a copy of the confirmation with you.  The doors
will be open by the time shown above.  If you find they are
not open by that time, you may telephone 978-2323 and U of T
Police will admit you upon presentation of this Letter.