ECE431 labs

Labs will mostly be done as take-home assignments, but the lab rooms are available, with prior arrangements of at least one teaching assistant.

LaTeX is the preferred format for writing reports, etc., and it will be very useful to learn it if you're going to write a thesis or publish a scientific paper in the future. Here is a link to a website where anyone can publish scientific papers: Why use TeX (LaTeX)?

Octave and Matlab should be on all the ECF computers. If you're having trouble with imread.m (e.g. if you're having trouble with popen), here's a version modified to make a system call and use temp file temp.pnm. Octave or Matlab may be used for the labs

LIFE LIBERTY & the PURSUIT of SCIENCE: The nice thing about open science, such as Octave, is that you can easily "stand on the shoulders of giants" and extend or modify its functionality. If your install of Octave is not done right, you may have trouble with imread, etc., in which case you can easily write your own. Also, to save images, it's easy to write a short script; here's a quick example written in a few minutes after class.