The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- December 10, 1948

In 1948, world leaders declared that the time had come for human rights to be protected across all national, geographic, and ethnic boundaries. Reebok has dedicated its corporate resources to further the same goal. We began when Amnesty International invited us to be the sole sponsor of Human Rights Now!, a 1988 world concert tour which reached millions of young people on five continents.

We've built a Human Rights Program to lead us in developing socially responsible business practices. We were the first corporation in our industry to pull out of South Africa in 1986 in support of the anti-apartheid movement and are founding members of Business for Social Responsibility. The annual Reebok Human Rights Award celebrates the courage of young leaders and has assembled a network of 60 activists working in 30 nations around the world. In partnership with musician Peter Gabriel and the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights we founded Witness, a program that equips frontline activists with hand-held video cameras to document human rights abuses. Through a global grantmaking program, we support the human rights activities of non-profit organizations.    
We've also drafted and implemented a code of conduct for factories manufacturing Reebok products, to ensure safe, healthy working conditions. We assess factory workplace conditions with the assistance of external monitors. We guarantee that no child labor is used in the production of Reebok soccer balls and have committed $1 million for the educational and vocational needs of former child workers in Pakistan's soccer industry. All these actions help build the infrastructures needed to guard against and eliminate human rights abuses in the workplace.

We will continue to honor our responsibilities to our consumers, employees and the global market place, and to use our assets to promote universal human rights.
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