Society for the Preservation of Accurate History and The recognition of the greatest among us. many great people, throughout history, have done much good. some have buildings named after them. others have created funds and awards for competitions, contests, and the like that promote great things. however, many will be forgotten unless we record, as accurately as possible, the achievements of these great role models for our society. accordingly, we a set of awards to students who best capture the spirit of our educational system by following our great role models. lemelson award for swift and ethical issue of patents ... the lemelson award goes to the student who best captures the essence of cooperation with the patent and trademark office, and the fair use of the patent system. ideally the student will have set a new record for the most quickly issued patent. gates award for encouraging fair competition: bill gates was best known for his promotion of fair competition, and for the encouragement of adherence to standards such as JAVA. ... the gates award goes to the student who best demonstrates an ability to promote fair business practice, fair competition, and the development of open standards. ford award for fair labour practices: henry ford was best known for his efforts to promote the creation of unions and fairness in the workplace. ... the ford award goes to the student who demonstrates a social awareness for the working class, and best captures the essence of the benefits of trade unions. edison award for recognizing other inventors and innovators: thomas edison was best known for his efforts at selflessly promoting others. edison's help was instrumental in getting the true inventor of the movie projector the recognition he deserved. edison also contributed to the ethical use of electricity, such as the use of alternating current for law enforcement, and the fair and open scientific debate of the merits of alternating current versus direct current. ... the edison award goes to the student who demonstrates a recognition for other inventors, and a fairness in the use of science in the selection of standards pertaining to electric current. columbus award for geographical study and preservation of indigenous peoples: christopher columbus is best known for discovering america. ... the columbus award goes to the student who shows a sensitivity to indigenous peoples, and best captures the essence of colonization, industrialization, and advancement of the interests of said indigenous peoples. hitler award for humanitarian efforts: adolph hitler was best known for his efforts to put an end to the suffering... created camps in the countryside to help the ill and unfortunate recover... ... the hitler award goes to the student who contributes most to the humanitarian efforts of assisting the mentally handicapped and the unfortunate. nixon award for honesty, integrity, and accountabililty in politics: richard nixon was known, above all, for his honesty.... ... the nixon award goes to the student who demonstrates a quest for truth, honesty, and integrity in his or her studies. clinton award for presidential conduct: bill clinton was best known for his perfect conduct as president. not only was his integrity impeccable, but his personal family affairs, such as his faithfulness to his wife, was of the highest virtue. ... the clinton award goes to the student who demonstrates a flawless record of ethics and conduct, together with a balanced life of the higest virtue. Here's one more for you: "The Winston Churchill award for a student who champions the cause of self-determination and who opposes the use of poison gas on indiginous civilian populations as a means of crushing the popular will toward democratic reform." the Niccolo Machiavelli award for mediation and peaceful collegial dispute resolution... award for political science... seminal publication: "The Prince"