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Case closed!

You are now ready to close up the case. First replace the front (held on with six screws), while routing the cables to the appropriate connectors. Then put the lid on. You are now ready to plug into a VGA desktop monitor or VGA head-mounted display. The finished computer may be operated with either a standard keyboard, or with a hand-held keyboard. In wearable operation, I typically wear the computer in a waist bag or lumbar pack. (The Mountainsmith daypack or tourpack is appropriate for the computer and a good collection of other materials.) By connecting it to a head-mounted display, and plugging in a hand-held keyboard (such as the twiddler -- see -- and don't use LiLo!!!, use loadlin because you won't have control of your computer at the LiLo prompt if you use a twiddler), you have a computational environment that you can carry with you and use while walking around in ordinary day-to-day situations.

Fig 10 shows the completed WearComp6 on my workbench, next to a VGA to NTSC scan converter (described in the next section).

Figure 10: Completed WearComp6 on workbench next to VGA to NTSC scan converter.

Steve Mann
Wed Dec 24 05:46:06 EST 1997