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Reality User Interface

One application of computer-mediated reality is to create, for each user of the apparatus, a possibly different interpretation of the same visual reality. Since the apparatus shares the same first-person perspective as does the user (and in fact since the apparatus is what enables the user to see at all!!!), then of course the apparatus provides the processing system (WearComp) with a view of how the user is interacting with the world. In this way, each user may built his or her own user-interface within the real world. For example, one user may decide to have the computer automatically run a telephone directory program whenever it sees the user pick up a telephone. This example is similar to hypertext, in the sense that picking up the telephone is like clicking on the telephone with a mouse, if it were in an HTML document. ``Clicking'' on real objects is done by simply touching them.

Outlining objects with the fingertip is another example of a reality user interface (RUI).

Steve Mann