Wheel Week June 21-28

The wheel is both a form of technology, as well as a connection to the natural world of circles, cycles, and the sun itself, which we celebrate from June solstice (June 21st) to June 28th, a date which numerically, 6.28, is two times Pi (2 * 3.14 = 6.28), i.e. the full revolution of a wheel/circle/cycle.

The summer solstice is also a day in which many Indigenous peoples and communities celebrate, and is also known as National Indigenous Peoples Day. The Indigenous medicine wheel, a symbol about connection with the natural world, is a circle with spokes radiating from the center to the cardinal compass diretions, North, South, East, and West, i.e. the 4 quadrants of the circle. This symbol is an integral part of the City of Toronto Sign in front of Toronto's City Hall:

The medicine wheel symbol is also almost identical to the ancient Phoenician/Semitic symbol for "wheel", which is also the 9th letter of the Phoenician/Paleo-Hebrew/Arabic/Western Greek alphabet, "teth", written ט, or 𐌈, 𐍈, or 𐤈, which means "wheel", "cauldron", "pan", or circle (complete circle), comparable to the Chinese character ``日'' which means ``sun''. In some fonts it actually looks like a wheel with four spokes:

Thus we propose using teth as a quantity equal to a full revolution of a wheel, i.e. teth = 360° = 2π = 2*3.14... = 6.28... thus marking the final day of Wheel Week, June 28 = 6.28.

Join us for the Full Revolution, Jun 21 to June 28 = 6.28...

Wheel week is a "Revolution", a full revolution, to celebrate nature and technology, i.e. the natural world as well as the technological world of wheels, cars, autonomous vehicles, A.I., and machine learning.

Human vision has a roughly 180° field-of-view. Pi i a mathematical constant equal to the circumference of any circle divided by its diameter. Its symbol, π, appears in many mathematical formulae. There is even a day, March 14th (3-14) called "Pi Day", founded at the Exploratorium in 1988. Since π=180°, it is really a symbol that represents half a circle. So we propose the use of the semicircle symbol "◖", instead of the symbol π. We also propose the full circle symbol ⬤, ⊗, or ⊙, to denote 2π. Thus we write: ⊙=360°, or t=360°.

Human vision can be augmented with rear-facing cameras and other sensors, e.g. in wearable technology, or in smart cars. Vision over a full 360° angle is Teth Vision™ and is the future of Human-in-the-loop-Intelligence (H.I.), a new way of seeing the whole world.

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