[ 1 ] SeatSale

[ 2 ] Steve Mann

[ 3 ] telematics

[ 4 ] Reflectionism
and Diffusionism
Steve Mann

[ 5 ] Visual Various
Steve Mann


Mann essentially invented the field of "wearable computing" as a graduate student at MIT. What was viewed then as geeky-or Orwellian science fiction-has become commonplace. From The Truman Story to Survivor to TRW, ubiquitous surveillance of our bodies-via cameras in physical space-and our data-via datamining in cyberspace--is standard operating procedure.

SeatSale imagines (predicts) a time when prosthetic augmentation is not just external-sight, touch, smell-it is also internal. As Mann puts it, when "wearables" become "implantables." What will a seat license-a standard method of measuring legal software users-be like then? SeatSale evokes such a scenario. Right now it merely provides seating. When a credit card slides through the slot to download a temporary seating license, spikes retract for (relatively) comfortable viewing of Mann's 1995 documentary ShootingBack (shot entirely with an "eyetap"-a wearable computing device-in his right eye). In the future, it may be just as necessary purchase a seat license for your memories, "captured" via your proprietary implantable. Or, as Mann suggests, "we could simply do away with the concept of intellectual property altogether."

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