Interfacing the PC / Beyond Logic
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Parallel Ports
Serial Ports
AT Keyboard Ports

Interfacing the Serial / RS-232 Port

Table of Contents

Part 1 : Hardware (PC's)
Hardware Properties
Serial Pinouts (D25 and D9 connectors)
Pin Functions
Null Modems
Loopback Plugs
DTE/DCE Speeds
Flow Control
The UART (8250's and Compatibles)
Type of UARTS (For PC's)
Part 2 : Serial Ports' Registers (PC's)
Port Addresses and IRQ's
Table of Registers
Interrupt Enable Register (IER)
Interrupt Identification Register (IIR)
First In / First Out Control Register (FCR)
Line Control Register (LCR)
Modem Control Register (MCR)
Line Status Register (LSR)
Modem Status Register (MSR)
Scratch Register
Part 3 : Programming (PC's)
Polling or Interrupt Driven?
Source Code - Termpoll.c (Polling Version)
Source Code - Buff1024.c (ISR Version)
Interrupt Vectors
Interrupt Service Routine
UART Configuration
Main Routine (Loop)
Determining the type of UART via Software
Part 4 : External Hardware - Interfacing Methods
RS-232 Waveforms
RS-232 Level Converters
Making use of the Serial Format
8250 and compatible UART's
CDP6402, AY-5-1015 / D36402R-9 etc UARTs

Part 3 : Programming (PC's)

Part 4 : Interfacing Devices to RS-232 Ports

Table of Contents
Pt 1 Hardware
Pt 2 Registers
Pt 3 Programming
Pt 4 External Hardware

Parallel Ports
Serial / RS-232 Ports
AT Keyboard Ports

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