Selected pictures from the contributions to the international day of protest against video surveillance, December 24th

Watching Them, Watching Us
UK Public CCTV Surveillance Regulation Campaign

ShootBack Day - London, UK - Xmas Eve 1998


Tottenham Court Rd corner with Oxford Street. Virgin's new cameras have now escaped outside the store

 Oxford Street

Oxford Street, £500,000 worth of cameras and control systems. One of the 16 smoked glass street surveillance pods.

 Big Brother wears CyberPunk MirrorShades

Big Brother wears CyberPunk MirrorShades in an Oxford Street shopping mall. Some Oxford Street stores have over 250 CCTV cameras deployed.

 Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus (Oxford Street and Regent Street) - another mass surveillance pod

 Victoria Railway Station

Victoria Railway Station - Why use one camera when you can install 9 of them around a pillar ?  

Canada site for ShootBack Day

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