Instructions for Participation

Entries must comprise pictures taken on December 24th,between 11:00am and 12:59pm (e.g. around within an hour of noon time in your particular time zone).

Subject matter should depict either:

Ideally subject matter will depict both of the above (e.g. pictures of video surveillance apparatus together with representatives of organizations responsible for its use).

To participate, you may want to photograph shopkeepers, restaurant owners, department store managers, directors of security at hotels, or simply the apparatus of surveillance itself.

Alternatively, you may want to try to capture the essence of Christmas, consumerism, and the herds of obedient shoppers being watched over by video surveillance. A good picture will try to capture the essence of shopkeepers with their omniscient surveillance network.

Perhaps you might also capture pictures of fire exits illegally chained shut, or evidence of other misconduct by those who have installed cameras to capture the misconduct of others.

Or use your imagination and take a picture that surprises us!!!

Send your pictures to

International Photo Contest,
284 Bloor Street West, Suite 701,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
M5S 3B8
All submissions become property of NAD and will not be returned. Winning entries along with a large number of the submissions will be posted to the online gallery at which will be mirrored in various countries around the world.

Nearly any developed format (print, film positive, film negative, etc.), or any file format that can be read using GNU software under Gnu Public License on a computer running the Linux operating system will be accepted. Alternatively, submissions may be placed on an FTP or HTTP server and the address or URL may be submitted. Any submissions that require commercial software or commercial operating systems to read will be discarded without review. Acceptable media include slides, silver halide prints, or other standard forms of photographic prints up to 8.5 by 11 inches, computer printouts, film negatives, plates (glass plate negatives up to 8 by 10 inches), film negative strips, film positive strips, diffractive prints, 3.5 inch floppy disks, ISO 9660 CD ROMs, IDE devices, or SCSI devices. Photographic media must have been developed (e.g. no undeveloped films or forms that require chemical treatment or processing by NAD staff will be accepted). If submissions are made by URL, the image format must be universally readable from any WWW browser.

National Accountability Day (also known as National ShootBack Day:)"

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