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wedgeDisclaimer: These are resources that have inspired me or I have found in one way or another. This is by no means complete. Please email me at if have anything that you think I should add. I'll clean up the formating once I have more data.
wedgeI think that "Moblogging" like "Blogging" isn't really something that technically new. It is the popularization and the impact of many people doing it that is exciting to me. Blogging can be said to be just online diaries. Moblogging is just mail-to-web. Moblogging is just an extention of wearable computing. Fine. Call it whatever you like, but let's do it, make it widely available and have fun and change the world.

Features necessary for mass-moblogmapping (our goal)

wedgeability to post to a blog from a mobile device
wedgeMangement of uploaded photos in blog format
wedgeSupporting open standards such as MetaWeblog API

A chronology of articles, events and resources

wedgeAbout moblogging
wedgeHow to moblog (moblogging code)
wedgePhoto Blog Hosting

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