wearcam.org as roving reporter; (c) Steve Mann, Feb. 1995

feb. 22, 1995: most of my day quite boring, walking to lab, pizza at food trucks etc. around 10pm
i see a fire hose; i'm following it now

looks like must be a fire, fire trucks, shall i go to right for view? (email or talk me in@.. or tnc)

isn't it cool, those on mosaic, world wide web for first time see news as it happens?

no, but i could envision this as a new form of news gathering. i go to make lookpainting of fire truck

i seem to be getting a lightspace effect from flashing lights

Images arrive and go around in a circular buffer. I think it is simpler for most people to view than having to spawn mpeg_play or the like (e.g. there are still a large number of users who don't have mpeg_play installed). Furthermore, this layout, much like a comic book, is easier to view when the frame rate is reduced to the point where an mpeg sequence would appear too unsteady, if viewed within a single window, as a movie. Reduction of frame rate, in turn, allows the viewer to experience the last 10 minutes, or the last hour, or the last day, etc., of my life, and still have a pretty good idea of what happened during that time period.

Look out for other interesting events to appear from time to time.

Wearable Webcam