Vitriview/Vitrionics Corporate Profile

Vitriview has traditionally been a manufacturer of optical ceramics, sapphire, and hardened glass viewing windows, used in the industrial sector, such as for laser end caps, infrared industrial inspection, and machine vision systems.

Following, the recent merger of our company with Acquionics, VitriView/Vitrionics will be entering the electronic plumbing market. VitriView's former divisions,

will be restructured to produce products for the electronic plumbing market for both outsourced OEM and internal use.

Vitreous China, Ceramics and Glass

Ceramic, and in particular, vitreous china, is used throught the plumbing industry, in lavatories, water closets, urinals, as well as for bathroom tile.

Other materials such as fiberglass have more recently began to replace vitreous china in residential markets, but, due to its better durability, vitreous china remains in use in the commercial sector.

Glass, fiberglass, and vitreous china are all closely related:

vit-re-ous adj. 1. Pertaining to, resembling, or having the nature of 
  glass; glassy.  [Lat. vitreus  

Ceramics are also related to alumina in its crystal form (sapphire)
which is transparent in the infrared.

Our shift from industrial inspection to the future of plumbing

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