FiberFix CeramiView tiles

CeramiView tiles are available in black, chrome, gold, and copper, and add a nice accent to a tiled wall. The aesthetics of an otherwise stark wall of solid white tile is much improved with one or two rows of CeramiView black tiles.

Our new FiberFix backing makes installation much simpler. Tiles come pre-attached to a fiberglass and/or fiber-optic backing strip. Tiles are permantly affixed to the FiberFix backing, so that they can be quickly and easily cemented to any wall during installation. FiberFix is available in 50 foot and 100 foot rolls. This makes it easy for the distributor to sell by the foot (three tiles per running foot).

Installation of CeramiView has never been easier! The benefits will be immediately apparent, whether in a small restaurant kitchen, or a large food processing plant, the applications for CeramiView are endless. Here are just a few of the possible applications.