Installing CeramiView(TM) Tiles

CeramiView tiles are known for their outstanding optical lustre, shine, durability, and longevity.

To make full use of CeramiView safety products, ensure back-of-wall access, service corridor, or the like.

Prior to installation of any tiles, decide at what height you wish to ultimately have a row of CeramiView tiles be installed. Many customers run two rows of CeramiView for a better aesthetic. A double row creates a sense of visual balance. In a typical installation, for example, over a row of urinals, there may be one row of CeramiView that runs just above where the urinals will be installed. This is the active row where the sensors are contained. A second row, a couple of tiles further up, is often placed simply for aesthetics (e.g. none of these tiles will define a viewing area).

Once you have decided where the place CeramiView, install the regular tile (from another vendor) starting from the floor and working up. Tile all the way up to just under the first row of CeramiView. Then mark off squares on the wall where you plan for each CeramiView tile to go. Locate the center of each square, and mark this point. Decide which squares require a viewport, and drill into the wall. Each drilled hole defines a viewing area. Sensors will later be mounted, from behind. Depending on the size of sensor, the hole size may vary. However, it is better to err on making the holes too large, as the sensor can always be inserted and stuffed with extra padding from behind. Also, if you are unsure of exactly where the fixtures will be located, drill extra holes. You don't need to use them, but that way if you move the fixtures (e.g. as when a water closet is moved to convert an installation to ADA standards with enlargement of one stall for wheelchair access) you will be able to just move the sensors into different viewing holes, from behind the wall.

Concealment of Sensors

Electronic Plumbing has ushered in a new wave of reduced cost and reduced waste, together with increased efficiency. However, as with any new technology, there is a very small portion of the user-population who do not appreciate the benefits of increased cleanliness, safety, security, and privacy that electronic plumbing can provide. Vandalism has always been a problem, especially with new technologies that call attention to themselves. All it takes to cost you and your company is for the occasional user to tamper with a fixture or sensor. Even so-called "tamperproof" sensor fixtures invite vandals to deface the exposed lenses either by deliberately scratching them, or by covering them with chewing gum, duct tape, or defacing them with markers, paint, or similar materials. Even mild scratches on these lenses can make the machine vision algorithms "see blurry". Even slight blurring of the system's vision seriously reduces its ability to see the user clearly. If the system cannot obtain a clear view of the user, it cannot serve the user. Thus CeramiView's vandal resistant viewing windows are CLEARLY the answer to improved accuracy of machine vision plumbing systems.

With CeramiView, the sensors are completely hidden from view. Moreover, with CeramiView, the users will not know which tiles have sensors behind them. Vandalism, whether arising from malicious hate of a better future, or simply arising from curiosity, costs you and your company. Through complete concealment of all sensory apparatus, vandalism is eliminated, resulting in increased savings, and increased profits. Moreover, in shower room applications, soap and shampoo that often splashes onto the wall and runs down the wall, will not get clogged into exposed lenses. Products from other vendors quickly clog with soap residue, due to the inset lenses. Again, soapy lenses produce blurry images. A sharp clear view of your users will keep them happy by delivering the utmost in user-satisfaction.

Custom Orders

Large orders for OEM applications can be custom--manufactured. Each CeramiView tile can be fitted with a custom sensor. Alternatively, the sensory tiles can be interleaved every third or sixth tile, with non--sensing tiles. For example, we can outfit every sixth tile with a sensor, so that the sensor-equipped tiles can each be lined up to where fixtures will go, on standard 24 inch spacing. We can outfit every third tile, for use in a shower room, where every sixth tile has a sensor suitable for shower operation, while the tiles in between have sensors suitable for automatic touchless soap or shampoo dispensors. However, as sensor technology costs go down, we expect that in the future, CeramiView will be provided with sensors in every tile. Simply connect to the sensors you wish to use, and leave the others disconnected.

Special sensors can also be installed for controlling costs by monitoring shampoo and soap usage at a central remote site. By monitoring restroom usage patters, you can help reduce or eliminate deviant behaviour such as excessively long showering, shaving in the shower room, vagrancy, the washing of clothes in the shower room. Using our expertise in machine vision and artificial intelligence, you can be sure to maximize user satisfaction by making certain one inconsiderate user does not decrease the user-satisfaction of other users. With our new Web-based client/server software, you can ensure maximum efficiency, optimal traffic flow, and increased user-satisfaction. Your users will appreciate the efforts you have taken to make their experience pleasant.

Non Viewing Applications

Many of our customers do not take advantage of the optical transparancy of CeramiView tile, but simply use CeramiView because if its outstanding appearance and durability. Our best selling tile is the CeramiView black. Used as an accent on an otherwise stark white tiled wall, CeramiView maintains its lustre and shine for many years.

Tiles from other vendors may in time show signs of wear and abrasion, which is much more visually apparent on dark tiles (especially black) than on light colored tiles. Thus the CeramiView black provides an excellent and durable finished look, even when the surrounding white tile is abraded and worn. Moreover, even when not taking advantage of the optical transparancy of CeramiView, your kitchen staff or restaurant clerk will never be sure whether or not the wall has eyes. In many establishments, simply installing CeramiView, with no sensors whatsoever, will put an end to petty pilfering. Always keep a couple of extra tiles around to show your employees! Seeing is believing, and once they've seen the light (through a scrap piece of CeramiView) they'll think twice before pilfering, or vandalizing your valuable business establishment.