December 02, 2002

The word for today is:

Sousveillance. —Via Plastic.

It’s a beautiful word and a timely concept and I think David Brin would approve, but I also think it’s only going to work if people come out in droves, cameras in hand, snapping away to prove the point: we have nothing to hide, and we are worried. So enough with the unreasonable, already. —Does that mean that I’ll be out there with them, digital camera in hand, doing my part to swell a trickle into droves? Well, I worry, you know, about safety in numbers and tragic misunderstandings too individuated to make the evening news and the wild-assed hair-trigger assumptions to which some of us seem too ready and willing to leap, these days. So. Um. Ask me later?

Anyway and as it is, I think these guys have a better shot at making a point without massively multiplayer civil disrespect. So jot down sousveillance and keep it in mind, but maybe pencil another word in next to it: agitprop.

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