verify that pins 1 to 40 of small go to pins 1 to 40 of big

verify that circuits +5 volts goes to pin 41

verify that motor +5 volts goes to pin 42

verify that ground goes to pin 43

verify that disk type indicator goes to pin 44

jumpers: need to make adapter have place to put jumpers, or leave them available. if you decide to leave them available, use 44 conductor receptacles and 44 conductor ribbons. if you decide to include them in the scope of the connector, use 50 position receptacles and 50 conductor ribbon.

you may want to include a drive ready light (e.g. a green LED or the like).


grocery list (digi-key = 1800.344-4539, in canadian prices)

for the small end: 2mm (fine pitch) page 37 of catalog

am44g-25-nd 25 feet 44 conductor ribon with 2mm pitch $19.20
also avail in 5foot lengths as part number am44g-5-nd
asa44k-nd 2mm 44 position receptacle for 2mm ribbon cable $3.46 in qty. 25
if you want to also be able to remotely select jumper settings through ribbon cable, then get 50 conductor cable and 50 position receptacles:
am50g-25 is 25 feet of 50 conductor cable
asa50k-nd is 50 position receptacle, $6.30 in single units, or $3.94 in lots of 25

for the big end: page 21 of catalog

mkc40a-nd 40pin socket, p21 $2.669 in lots of 10
mksr40-nd strain relief for above
a typical order of the above to make about a dozen adapter cables to be shared by various members of our small community of cyborgs came to $260, plus $8 overnight, plus $18GST, total $287
order number 646 9884
From:	Mark Willis

Here 'Tis:

Pin     Signal Name             Signal Description
01      Reset-                  Host Reset
02      Ground                  Ground
03      DD7                     Host Data Bus Bit 7
04      DD8                     Host Data Bus Bit 8
05      DD6                     Host Data Bus Bit 6
06      DD9                     Host Data Bus Bit 9
07      DD5                     Host Data Bus Bit 5
08      DD10                    Host Data Bus Bit 10
09      DD4                     Host Data Bus Bit 4
10      DD11                    Host Data Bus Bit 11
11      DD3                     Host Data Bus Bit 3
12      DD12                    Host Data Bus Bit 12
13      DD2                     Host Data Bus Bit 2
14      DD13                    Host Data Bus Bit 13
15      DD1                     Host Data Bus Bit 1
16      DD14                    Host Data Bus Bit 14
17      DD0                     Host Data Bus Bit 0
18      DD15                    Host Data Bus Bit 15
19      Ground                  Ground
20      (removed)               (No Pin)
21      DMARQ                   DMA Request
22      Ground                  Ground
23      DIOW-                   Host I/O Write
24      Ground                  Ground
25      DIOR-                   Host I/O Read
26      Ground                  Ground
27      IORDY                   I/O Channel Ready
28      CSEL                    Cable Select pin
29      DMACK-                  DMA Acknowledge
30      Ground                  Ground
31      INTRQ                   Host Interrupt Request
32      IOCS16-                 Host 16 Bit I/O
33      DA1                     Host Address Bus Bit 1
34      PDIAG-                  Passed Diagnostics
35      DA0                     Host Address Bus Bit 0
36      DA2                     Host Address Bus Bit 2
37      CS1FX-                  Host Chip Select 0
38      CS3FX-                  Host Chip Select 1
39      DASP-                   Drive Active/Slave Present
40      Ground                  Ground
41      Power                   +5 volts DC (logic)
42      Power                   +5 volts DC (motor)
43      Ground                  Ground for power pins
44      Reserved                Reserved
Pins 28, 34 and 39 are used for master-slave communication

  It'll be neat to see that on the web site!

  I'm told that pins 1-40 are identical for regular IDE Desktop style
drives, which makes sense (Different pin spacing, of course.)