"I'd rather write a country's songs than its laws." [paraphrased from Andrew Fletcher, 1703]

"Codecert", A Concert for the Three Laws of Human Augmentation in real and virtual worlds

S. Mann, R. Janzen, and K. Yang, Saturday, Jun 25, 2016.

Tonight's concert is presented in 3 parts, and symbolizes the structural elements of the Code of Ethics on Human Augmentation (tweet #HACode). The Human Augmentation Code has been 14 years in the making and will be unveiled at Tomorrow's Keynote (9:15am), further developed during the panel (10am), and you are all invited to participate in its co-authorship in our "Town Hall" meeting immediately following the panel.

Musical Programme begins 8pm Saturday June 25th:

Each movement is more restrictive than the previous one, thus symbolizing the nested nature of the Three Laws, each Law following from the Law before it.