Surveilluminescence, Sousveilluminescence, or just Veilluminescence:

Here's a sneak-preview of some of the things you'll learn to build at our TEI workshop at Stanford University:

Lights that glow when they're being watched trace out a camera's "sightfield" in a long-exposure photograph

Here's a portrait I did of Thalmic's Chris Goodine holding my guncamera in front of the mirror at FITC Wearables:
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Here's the pool at the hotel that's nearest to Meta-View (Oak Motel), as viewed through the Meta Spaceglasses:

(Click for higher-resolution .gif animation and high resolution still)

Here's the same 3D AR "sightfield" rendered from a different viewing angle the next day (leftmost as viewed in real life, and rightmost, as viewed through the 3D AR Spaceglasses):

(Click for more of the hotel pool and also HP Labs, Stanford Villa Apartments, etc.)

Here's a published paper on this work: IEEE GEM 2014, October 22-24, 2014, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

See also: Janzen and Mann, IEEE CCECE, 2014, and IEEE CVPR, Mann, (Keynote).

Surveillance camera in the alley at Oak Motel, as viewed through Spaceglasses:

Still frames:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Beach trip with Raymond Lo (CTO of Meta):

here is a link to more pictures from beach trip

San Francisco Airport (car rental area):

Veillometric abakography with reflections in hotel mirror: I bought a new Samsung surveillance camera at Fry's Electronics, and here's some veillometrics with it, as the camera's sitting on the desk pointing upwards:

Live demonstrations at CVPR 2014, including Surveilluminescent Smart Dust:

Self portrait with Spaceglasses (Meta Pro):

Veilluminescence in game play:

I gave the Keynote Address at IEEE GEM 2014, where I presented the "GunCamera" abakographic imaging game.
Selfie I took with confernce chair Nahun Gershon:

Raymond Lo, CTO of Meta (makers of Spaceglasses) challenging Christina to a game:

Jesse Rodgers visit to EA302, tues. 2014oct28:

Neil Mathew (quadcopter company) visit to EA302:

Ajay Agrawal visit to EA302, wed. 2014oct29:

Still frames: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Composite

Invited lecture to CSC428, 2014nov05, BA2175.

Invited lecture to MIE344, 2014nov05, WB119.

Joshua Gans, Cheif Economist, Rotman CDL, where I'm Chief Scientist.

KC Smith visiting the Inventrepreneurship Lab, fr2014dec12:
(click for high resolultion gif); links to frames: 0; 1; 2; 3.

Shane Gu visit 2014dec15.

Some jpeg versions of the above pictures: Left: 9 B Right: 11, and 13

Visualizing computer vision, including low pixel-count imaging sensors like the 128 or 1024 pixel sensor arrays used for automatic flush fixtures:

ACM TEI 2015 conference at Stanford University


Steve Mann, Chief Scientist, Meta-view