Decontamination Drill on opening day, Thursday July 5th, at 80 Spadina Ave

Construction of the mass decontamination and casualty response facility was recently underway.

Emergency preparedness, in the event of an anthrax scare, or other terrorist attacks, involves various decon drills that will help prepare us better for later undergoing decon when we are required to do so.

It's very simple to undergo decon: all you need to do is (1) Strip; (2) Wash; (3) Cover. Here is a view of the three rooms on the men's side, as seen, from the top level of the male decontimantion officer's station, where these three easy steps are visible:

From the central hexagonal shaped triage/observation room, decontamination officers can view out through the smoked lexan walls, into each of the six hexagonal shaped rooms.

Download a Decon Drill training video.

See detailed documentation of the sensor operated column showers with image-based video motion detection sensors.

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Why are we doing this? Here's some excerpts from various government and industry WWW sites.