No cellphones, PDAs, laptop computers, or wearables allowed inside!!!

Volunteer as a subject for our Decontamination Drill:
Open to the public, Thursday 2001 July 5th, 7:00pm.
In order to assist victims of possible disease outbreaks, victims of surreptious spreading of disease by terrorists, or victims who may have been exposed to chemical or biological agents, or computer viruses, we provide free medical care as a service to your community.

In the event of a suspected outbreak, we will assist by evacuating victims to our safe and secure decontamination facility on 80 Spadina Avenue for a decontamination shower.

To ensure privacy, we have established separate entrances for men and women. Video feeds, captured for quality control and training purposes, are kept on separate systems for separate viewing by male or female decontamination officers, in order to guarantee absolute privacy.

Please enter through the appropriate turnstile (as you enter, the turnstile on your right is for women, and the one to your left is for men).

Each person must remove all clothing, jewelery, PDAs, cellular telephones, wearable computers, or any other personal effects, and place in one of the bags provided. Please seal your bag with the barcoded tie provided, and place the corresponding wristband around your right wrist for indentification and tracking of your personal belongings.

Once all clothing is removed, a second turnstile into the shower area will unlock automatically, and you will be permitted to use our free shower services.

In the shower room you will be able to free yourself from contamination. The exit from the shower room is through a third turnstile unlocked by a chemical agent monitor (CAM). Once free of contamination, you pass into the drying/vaccination room.

There you will receive a free vaccination and tyvek jumpsuit.

Mass decontamination facility

Here is the layout of the mass decon facility:

1M denotes men's bagging room; 2M denotes men's shower room; 3M denotes men's vaccination and clothing issue room. Likewise, 1W, 2W, and 3W denote corresponding women's rooms.

Here is how it fits into the 80 Spadina Avenue space:

miscellaneous notes on decontamination, e.g. government and corporate pages promoting construction of decon facilities, preparedness for terrorist attacks, etc.

An emergency response facility for handling mass casualties, victims of chemical spills, or the like, is disclosed. Persons arriving at the facility are required to undress completely before being allowed to pass into a shower room for decontamination with an appropriate decon solution. The invention includes means for preventing persons from leaving the facility without passing through the shower room. Preferably persons can only pass through the facility in one direction: persons first enter a clothing bagging area where they must remove all clothing, and cannot leave the bagging area until they are completely free of clothing, jewellery, personal effects, wearable computers, or other devices attached to their bodies that could interfere with complete decon or could harbour contamination or chemical agents. Preferably there are dual facilities, or dual tracks, one for men, and another for women, each comprising a bagging room, a shower area, and a drying area, with a seventh triage observation area, or remote video link and remotely operable passage locks and plumbing valve controls for triage personnel to supervise, observe, and administer the decontamination process and identify victims who are in greatest need of immediate medical attention.

Construction of the 80 Spadina Ave. facility has already begun

Construction (or should we say Decon-struction) has already begun. Here is our Decontamination Strike Force:

In the first picture, with three of the smoked lexan panels in place: Yacine (on ladder), Corey, Samir, Tomas, Mike, Steve, James (left to right). Note the custom built hexagonal table made by our carpentry team. The table with hexagonal hole in center, forms a workspace, with a counter running all the way around the inside, for decontamination officers supervising the decontamination procedures, and for placement of computer workstations in the dry central area.

In the second picture, with 5 of the smoked lexan panels in place (only one more to go to make the hexagonal triage/observation room) left to right: Kathleen, Steve, Tomas, James (at front), Mike, Corey (at front). Note the six security cameras are now in place, one for monitoring each of the six rooms around the periphery.

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