Cyberfashions of the Seventies

The ``Wearable Computer'' was invented in Canada in the 1970s, for mediated reality, photographically mediated collaboration, and shared mediated spaces in a small cybernetic community.

Cyberfashions of the Eighties

Throughout the 1980s, the ``Wearable Computer'' invention was at the fringes of the art, fashion, and music scene.

Cyberfashions of the Nineties

It was not until the 1990s that this invention became better known throughout the world. Covert, fashionable, and normal--looking embodiments led to its acceptance. The apparatus, which causes the eye itself to, in effect, function as both a video display system, and a camera, is concealed inside what look like ordinary sunglasses. Several very powerful computers, including some with video processing hardware, a graphics rendering engine, a web server, and mass storage, are concealed under ordinary looking clothing. After more than 20 years, the invention has finally come of age.

See some video stills from the ``Origins of Cyberfashion'' show..

You can also download an MPEG movie of the fashion show (approximately 75 megabytes).

See excerpts from an article in FLAIR magazine about this show.