Augmented Reality Robotics with the SWIM (Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine)

Measuring and seeing the radio waves from a microwave motion sensor, (as a "sitting wave", i.e. in coordinates where the speed of light is zero)

The SWIM is an invention from my childhood, and here are some pictures of it mounted to a robot that Kyle and I (Steve), with some input from Pete, built together. We built it, for the most part, in a day or so (with further subsequent tweaks later). In regards to the design, I was inspired by the windshield washers on a bus I saw where the wiper blades always remained vertical even though they were traced in a circular arc.
(link to high resolution.gif) (frames.tgz) (JPEG still)

SWIMbot Augmented Reality Robot on portable stand:

Here's some fast sloppy pictures I took with no tripod or flash (hand-held Huawei P30 Pro)