Stephanie Mann's Robotic S.W.I.M. (Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine) POVAR (Persistence Of Vision Augmented Reality) racecar track

Visualization of something I call "Sitting Waves".

256x 384x 720x
frames at 1080p (tgz file)

Individual frames are: rout00.jpg rout01.jpg rout02.jpg rout03.jpg rout04.jpg rout05.jpg rout06.jpg rout07.jpg, etc. (Just follow this same pattern, but note frames are not totally sequential, e.g. there is no frame 8 or 9.) rout10.jpg rout11.jpg rout12.jpg rout13.jpg rout14.jpg rout15.jpg rout16.jpg rout17.jpg rout18.jpg rout19.jpg rout20.jpg rout21.jpg rout22.jpg rout23.jpg rout24.jpg rout25.jpg rout26.jpg rout27.jpg rout28.jpg rout29.jpg rout30.jpg rout31.jpg rout32.jpg rout33.jpg rout34.jpg rout35.jpg rout36.jpg rout37.jpg rout38.jpg rout39.jpg rout40.jpg rout41.jpg rout42.jpg rout43.jpg rout52.jpg rout54.jpg rout56.jpg rout58.jpg rout60.jpg rout62.jpg rout64.jpg rout66.jpg rout68.jpg rout70.jpg