To declare a work of art as Subjectright (denoted as circle S, or "S" in parentheses), insert a designation of the form: Subjectright (S) by __________ (insert your name as name of the person appearing in picture).

You may optionally want to add:

Due to the various people who want to get pictures of me for various publications, I've signed up with EXISTech Corporation, as my image database manager. This is part of a non-profit picture database effort in which pictures of inventors and scholars can be freely used in scholarly publications and the like, so that the subject does not need to be constantly photographed again and again with similar pictures being duplicated by various photographers, simply because of copyright issues. This saves the subject a great deal of time, because otherwise the subject (say if he or she became well known and was being photographed for a large number of different newspapers, magazines, etc.) would be wasting a great deal of time being photographed by persons who take a long time to set up a picture with sophisticated lighting apparatus, etc..

Each participant can use images from the set, or take their own pictures to contribute to the set of images. Photographers who are not part of EXISTech Corp. simply enter their pictures with EXISTech so that others can use the pictures as well. (This saves wear and tear on the inventor or scholar from being photographed again and again where the pictures would otherwise each only be used once.)

EXISTech's policy is Subjectright (S). No pictures of EXISTech's employees may be made without first assigning them all intellectual property rights in these pictures. Prior to photographing an EXISTech employee, you must agree to assign all your intellectual property rights in the picture to the person you are photographing.

Subjectright (S) places rights of control with the person appearing in the picture rather than the photographer. Photographers who work for EXISTech Corp. work on a "work for hire" basis, and assign their rights to EXISTech Corp. Then EXISTech Corp. assigns these rights to the person who is being photographed. In this way the Subject of the picture is the owner of the rights in the image, and is therefore free to grant a cost free publication right to anyone he or she wishes to grant such a right to.

This enables the subject to grant various publications such as IEEE Transactions a royalty free license to freely publish the subject's picture, at the end of a scholarly article, or with a biography, or the like, as is commonly done in academic journals.

All images containing a likeness of _________ insert name) are Subjectright (S) _________.

This picture, appearing in ADBUSTERS, nicely captures the essence of the model escaping from the photograher's captivity:

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