eye-in-the-sky looming over its worshippers on the earth below

Sur-veillance: "eye in the sky" watching over from above

"Surveillance" is French for "to watch from above". This "eye in the sky" surveillance dome camera on a high steel pole embodies that quintessential watchful gaze from above.

The pole, manufactured in 2003, is a DYNAPOLE CANADA hollow structural steel pole with screw down base on J-bolts set in concrete in the parking lot outside the new student services building where the June 4th dinner banquet took place; the picture was captured at McMaster University on Saturday June 5th, 2004, after an Alumni Hall of Fame (McMaster Gallery) induction ceremony.

June 5, 2004, McMaster University parking lot, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Captured using a modified Nikon D2h, with wearable computer system, late in the afternoon.

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Eyes in the sky:

High park, Toronto, Ontario, just after the Thursday 2004 June 17th switch opening and ribbon cutting event. Images captured on modified Nikon D2h, interfaced to EyeTap wearable computer system.