Name:          tmw
Version:       2.2.10-tmw2
Kernelver:     2.2.10
Status:        unknown
Author:        Tim Waugh <>
Maintainer:    Tim Waugh <>
Description:   Parallel port driver updates
Date:          5-JUN-1999

The major features are:

 o IEEE 1284 support.
 o IEEE 1284.3 support.
 o PCI parallel port card support:
   - SIIG Cyber Parallel PCI (both versions)
   - SIIG Cyber Parallel Dual PCI (both versions)
   - SIIG Cyber 2P1S PCI
   - SIIG Cyber I/O PCI (both versions)
   - SIIG Cyber 2S1P PCI (both versions)
   - Lava Parallel PCI
   - Lava Dual Parallel PCI
   - Lava 2SP PCI
   - LavaPort Plus
 o I2C driver.
 o PIO and DMA support.
 o Support for console on line printer.
 o Support for user-space parallel port device drivers.

There are many other changes; for a more complete list see: