File description for card reader drivers

Possible lab7 for ECE 385 fall 2001 session

The purpose of this lab is to learn about interrupt handlers, by way of a simple example, namely a card reader (as is typically used for reading credit cards or for use by prisoners to be tracked while opening doors with a card "key").

The code used in this lab was originally developed for pleasewait and later further developed for the seatsale invention

First compile and insmod the device driver, paraseat.c, which implements the card reader as the device /dev/paraseat0, using the script (It can be unloaded using the script

The main code to read from the device file and interpret the data is in readcard.c

One version was designed to work with an ISA slot: readcard_isa.c

Lastly, this version of the code also performs a parity check : readcard_with_parity_check.c

The following are some useful perl scripts for working with the cardreader:

Programs, programming, etc., has been a collaborative effort by programmers (in alphabetical order):

under the direction of Steve Mann. This material is Copyleft, right, and center, by EXISTech Corp, and is released under the GNU GPL Version 2.

Phrack article on card readers.

for more information about the card reader, email