I did an altervista (http://eyetap.org/s) web search on seat NEAR license, and consolidated the top four hits together to generate this text file which i used in the poster that appears behind the exhibit. In order to get the computer-like font, i did a screen grab using gimp, from a text console display of these search engine results.

Microsoft requires a Client Access License (CAL) for every seat that
accesses the SQL Server database on an intranet under Microsoft's per
seat licensing program.

Multi-seat Manager licenses

* Concurrent multi-user access to database files through CuraDB,
  with multi-seat Manager licensing

CuraMessage Pro comes standard with a two-seat Manager license,
allowing you to install and run the Manager GUI on two machines
concurrently. Additional seat licenses are available.
* Multiple seat licenses for the Manager GUI

Prices would fluctuate wildly if we went out on our own versus CS buying
a block of site licenses and forwarding a per seat cost to us as is
traditionally done.  All we can do here is protect some modest amount of
funds against a possible increase in the per license cost, assuming a
new type of software: $10 per seat X 60 = $600.

It comes with a 50-seat license for the RealPlayer Plus software.