Infrared sensor operated urinal

An active infrared sensor is mounted on the ceiling. The sensor system comprises an infrared emitter, and an infrared detector. The infrared detector comprises a sensor array. The sensor returns a byte array comprised of 240 rows and 320 columns, as shown:

When a user approaches the urinal, and enters a detection zone beneath the sensor, as shown below, a countdown timer is initiated:

If the user remains within the detection zone for more than a certain time threshold, a flush event is entered in a kernelspace task queue:

When the sensor detects that the user has departed, the urinal is flushed:

This single sensor can be mounted above one or more rows of urinals. The single low cost sensor and control system can control up to 16 urinals, addressed in the lower half of a one byte output register.

The device can also be used to control a plurality of sinks, toilets, showers, hand dryers, or any combination of these devices, with a small number of such sensors. As few as one single sensor can control the functions of a large complex provided it is strategically placed so as to have a good view of all the detection zones.

Additional research data is available as follows:

See also, Temperature sensor used to automate the flushing of toilets ("automatic flush"), etc.

EXISTech also has an intelligent sensor operated handwash faucet, as well as a sensor operated decontamination shower for processing victims of a terrorist attack.

Privacy (if such a concept is compatible with security, hygiene, and efficiency)...

See also ``Intelligent fixtures and systems'', S. Mann, ISAST LEONARDO, Vol. 36, No. 3, pp. 199-210, June 2003.