Data Copyleftright_and_center, by EXISTech Corp., released under GNU GPL V.2.

This archive contains various datasets for the infrared sensor operated plumbing fixtures as made available by EXISTech Corporation's release.

The infrared sensor arrays return 240 rows and 320 columns as byte arrays, which are stored in pgm files. The infrared sensor plumbing systems manufactured by EXISTech Corp., are based on active sensors that provide their own source of infrared light, as well as some passive infrared (PIR). The sensors also incorporate AGC (Automatic Gain Control), and are modeled by comparametric equations as described in

Live sensor data will also be provided from EXISTech's Toronto Branch office for testing of algorithms for realtime sensor operated plumbing systems.

The following sets of datasets each contain a wide variety of sensor data sequences:

EXISTech Corporation's vitrionics division provides many new innovations for the safebath project.

In addition to sensor operated plumbing fixtures, EXISTech Corp. also manufactures Mass Casualty Decontamination Facilities as described in also described in the last chapter of