Selecon Street Theatre:

Performance art with Selecon Pacific Projection on Sidewalk Square

In front of Deconism Gallery/Museum/Arts Complex, 2003, August 14th

(day of power blackout)

Because of the cool-grip handles on the Selecon shutters, it was a simple matter to create the effects of each sidewalk square glowing in its own color of light. Here the shutters are closed down at the exact boundaries of the slab of cement, so that the particular sidewalk square where the performer is located can be addressed under computer program control.

Here is a rooftop view (view from catwalk where the theatrical rigging is located --- NOTE THE Selecon Pacific 5.5-12 degree zoomspot visible to right of picture) showing where the sidewalk slabs are located relative to the Selecon fixture:

Rooftop theatrical performance using brainwave controlled lighting

(the selecon fixture allows projections of computer images, etc., because the heat is diverted out of the optical axis)