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(rightmost is a double exposure)
Self-portrait of S. Mann playing hydraulophone

Prof. Steve Mann's inventions

Here are three self-portraits of Steve Mann, each with one of the new musical instruments that he invented; rightmost with another musician. See H2Orchestra.

Solid H2O

Liquid H2O

Gas H2O

Plasma "H2O"
(Ice) (Water) (Steam) ("Lightening")
("Earth") (Water) ("Air") ("Fire")

Embodiments of Prof. Mann's ``WearComp'' invention (selected pictures)

(all images (c) Steve Mann)


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Pages Boostore mannequin, put together prior to the
4 eyetaps 0 ground book event

exhibited at Pages Bookstore, 2003 May.

Pictures of eyetaps when worn:

(click on image to get a larger version, approximately 6000 by 4000 pixels = approximately 70 megabytes uncompressed)
( click here to order a print of the wearcomp4 image)

A mid 1980s embodiment of Mann's "WearComp4" invention.

A black and white (greyscale) version of this picture is also available. (click on image to get a larger version, approximately 24 megabytes when uncompressed.)

Evolution of Mann's "WearComp" invention from WearComp2 to WearComp7:

The leftmost picture from the above 5 images is available as a separate image.
There is also available another picture of this early rig.

Covert WearComp (WearComp7, mid 1990s)

Covert WearComp in action.

Open style EyeTap
Prof. Mann with his wearable computer system that looks like ordinary bifocal eyeglasses, lecturing in his class of ECE1766 cyborgs:

Existential Learning = ``Learn by being [a photoborg]''

``Learn by being'': a step beyond learn by doing

The University of Toronto photoborgs ready to begin shooting in a shared computer mediated reality environment while collaborating on a production:

Mann, pictured wearing his "smart pants", together with WearComp3, mid 1980s.

Secret network of base stations, top of elevator shafts, rooftops, etc...

Other material and articles on the WearComp project

Selected research papers:

Beyond digital photography: The new imaging renaissance (A Mathematical framework for personal imaging)

A good intro to WearComp and Personal Imaging can be found here

An historical account of Prof. Mann's WearCam/WearComp inventions can be found here

Other WearComp-related papers

Keynote Address: The First International Conference on Wearable Computing, ICWC-98, May 12-13, Fairfax VA

Cultural criticism, critique of technology, WearCam as defensive element

(the philosophical underpinnings of above piece is more thoroughly explained in Dr. Mann's 1997 plenary address at Ars Electronica, Linz Austria, Sep. 10)

The following piece was first presented officially by Dr. Mann at his keynote address at the Virtual Reality conference in Rio de Janeiro, June 1-6, 1998, but has existed for some time prior:

click here to order a print of the above "pleasewait" image
For more on the above piece, see: A humourous anecdote: Parody of the Time Thieves (with a Reflectionist performance)

A controversial critique of environmental intelligence and ubiquitous surveillance versus personal intelligence: ``Smart clothing: Turning the tables...'' (how wearable technologies can protect our privacy and freedom as the world around us becomes "smarter" and more intrusive)

Privacy issues pertaining to light and virtual light (e.g. video, etc.)

Interrogative art, cultural criticism, etc.. (papers pertaining to the WearComp/WearCam inventions in the context of re-situating the common everyday computational facilities in a disturbing and disorienting fashion to challenge society's preconceived notions of these.) .

Mailing address and other contact info for Prof. Mann:

Prof. Steve Mann, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), 10 King's College Road, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3G4 mann@eecg.toronto.edu.

All images containing a likeness of Steve Mann are Subjectright (S) Steve Mann.