What this logo symbolizes.

This logo will have a variety of uses. In one use, the logo is to be used on products that conform to standards regarding connectivity. Products that use standard connectors and are made to be equally interoperable with products made by competitors may bear the Neutral Ground logo.

In the early days of electricity there were many political battles over various standards. Today, however, we take for granted that we can plug one appliance into any electrical outlet. The wires for ``hot'', ``neutral'' and ``ground'' have been standardized.

Interoperability of electric power is especially broad with devices such as laptop computers that automatically adjust to consume 120 volts or 240 volts, so that they may be used anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately the same is often not true in the world of wearable and mobile computing, prosthetic devices, and much in the way of information appliances.

It is doubtful, for example, that you will be able to plug a head mounted display from one vendor into a wearable computer made by another vendor.

In many ways, we are still at the early days of electricity's political infighting.

And even if we did decide on standards, we live in the age of litigation, in which even simple compatiblity issues are often more technical than political. Those on Neutral Ground believe that reverse engineering for compatibility reasons is fair play.

One way to ensure fair competition is for those who join us on Neutral Ground to receive free licenses to use certain technology, following an agreement not to take actions that prevent others from arriving on Neutral Ground. By grounding our Intellectual Property toward a neutral cause, we can inspire cooperation within the industry.