Nessie photos:

Nessie in the News:

See Nessie at the Ontario Science Centre.
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See Nessie at the Mcluhan Festival, Saturday, 2005 September 24th, 2pm, in Dundas Square.

Nessie sightings in Grange Park wading pool, on Canada Day, July 1

July 1 is the opening day for the pool in Grange Park

Olivia Chow came to play with Nessie

It's wonderful to see a Councillor come out and be part of the community...

Further Nessie sightings in Grange Park

Nessie sightings in Lake Ontario, etc...

Nessie sightings in Christie Pits Park

Nessie sighting in front of Donald D.D. Summervile Pool, Thursday, 2005 July 7, at approximately 5:30pm

Nessie sightings in Greenwood Park, Thursday, 2005 July 7, just before sunset

Nessie sighting in Lake Erie, 2005 July 16th

Nessie sighting at the Bruce's Mill conservation area, 2005 July 23rd:

Nessie fits nicely in even a small vehicle such as a Toyota Echo, with only one side of the back seat folded out from the trunk. This leaves plenty of room for the child seat on the other side:

Nessie can either be played in a body of water such as a pool, or she can be supplied with water from a garden hose:

Nessie is easy to clean and service:

Nessie sighting at the Beaches Jazz Festival, 2005 July 23rd:

Nessie sighting in the Grange Park wading pool, at the Crazy Carnival, Thursday, 2005 July 28th, 11am-5pm

Nessie sighting at the Water Festival in Kensington Market, Sun Jul 31, 2005

A photojournalist took some pictures of Nessie at Kensington Pedestrian Sundays - July 31

Some further Nessie sightings in August of 2005

Art opening at Art Square:

Nessie sighting on the TTC subway:

Nessie sighting in the fountain in the middle of University Avenue:

Nessie sighting in Chem. Phys. fountain:

Nessie at Eden Manor on St. George St.:

There was also a Nessie sighting in Lake Ontario, Saturday, August 27, around 1pm:

Additionally, there was a Nessie sighting August 28, noon-6pm at the Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday (street closure) in the park (wading pool):

Demonstration of snake embouchure:

On Monday, August 29th, there was a Nessie sighting in Grange Park wading pool, from approximately 5pm to 6:30pm.

A week later, there was the last Nessie sighting of 2005 in Grange Park wading pool, Monday 2005 September 5th (Labour Day), the last day the pool was open:

Nessie gig in Dundas Square, as part of the McLuhan Festival, 2005 September 24th and 25th:

See more pictures of Nessie at the McLuhan Festival in Dundas Square.

Nessie sighting at Christina's new day care, 2005 Oct 4

Underwater Nessie sighting, 2007 April 26th

New colour introduced July 2007

available starting August 2007:

Early prototype built into plastic pipe

(See grey-pipe version of the waterpipe organflute)

Children's story about Nessie, a 100 foot long female green sea serpent

Nessie very big, she is very old as well

She is thought to be some sort of water dwelling monster

More advanced users may want to read about snake embouchure.