Destruction of privacy and dignity by corporate chains to become a target of ordinary citizens.

An international coalition that includes artists, scientists, engineers, scholars, and others is declaring December 24, 1998 to be "ShootBack Day" (National Accountability Day).


At noon on Thursday, December 24, ordinary people all over the world will protest the growing and dehumanizing effects of increased video surveillance in various department stores and other similar organizations that use video surveillance.

Rather than protesting with signs, or by marching, they will protest in the form of a shooting spree. Armed with their own photographic or videographic cameras and recording devices, ordinary citizens will dish out some accountability.

We are all accountable for our actions. The Bigs keep us under surveillance, whether we're just walking down the street, shopping, or sometimes even when we're changing clothes in their fitting rooms (Phil Patton, Jan. '95, WiReD).

That's why the week of Dec21-Dec24 is National Accountability Week, and in particular, Thursday, December 24th is National Accountability Day. This is the day to arm yourselves with all manner of cameras, and other photographic or videographic instrumentation, and to enter various department stores, and other establishments that match the classic definition of totalitarian (e.g. establishments that wish to know everything about everyone yet reveal nothing about themselves).

Examples of totalitarian establishments are those in which we are placed under extensive video surveillance, yet we are prohibited from taking pictures ourselves. The goal of National Accountability Day is to challenge this one-sided aspect of Totalitarian Surveillance.

Participants will also photograph or make videos of any illegal activity they happen to encounter in these totalitarian establishments. Illegal activity includes fire exits chained shut, and other forms of entrapment, forcible confinement doors, and the like, which are often potential fire hazards.

It is preferable that groups of citizens participate in unison, to prevent, or at least document illegal theft or vandalism of photographic equipment by the Bigs.

When we ask why we are under video surveillance, we are told by the Bigs that ``only criminals are afraid of cameras'', or we are asked ``why are you so paranoid''. Now is the time to allow the Bigs to define themselves.

The camera is Hamlet's Mirror, allowing the Bigs to define themselves within a Reflectionist context.

Shoot Authority First
Question Authority Later.
(Shoot first, ask questions later)

Keep your pictures for the ShootingBack contest to be announced early next year.

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Scholarly research papers and other references on Video Surveillance, Privacy Issues, and the use of WearComp/WearCam, or just plain ordinary cameras as tools for self-defense (photographic media as protective elements):