Company Policy Regarding Personal Safety

This is your copy of the agreement between you and WearTech (TM) (hereafter known as Company).

1.0 Rationale.

Due to increasing crime, Company has decided to take a pro-active role in crime reduction. Rather than waiting for crime to happen, and then collecting evidence post-mortem, Company Policy now requires all employees to be pro-active in our Crime Reduction Programme.

1.1 Mandatory Participation:

All employees are required to document and report at once to Company any suspicious behaviour, any behaviour or condition that could pose a danger to you or another member of Company, or to any Company assetts, including but not limited to Trade Secrets, Patentable Materials, or Company process such as who you are meeting with and what you are discussing.

This requirement shall be during and outside normal working hours, e.g. it shall persist during all aspects of your day-to-day life.

Each employee is assigned a Kodak DC260 camera for this purpose. You must use it to photograph anyone or anything that you feel may have, or may pose a danger to you, to others in the Company, or to property whether tangible, intellectual, or humanistic, or otherwise, of Company.

You are also encouraged, though not required, to use it to photograph your immediate surroundings at several times randomly throughout the day.

You should photograph as often as possible, until your memory card is filled up, and then download to Company headquarters with your Company cellphone, using our Secure FTP site.

The more you shoot, the less chance there is that a criminal will get away without being caught.

2.0 Establishments not Compliant with Company Policy of Accountability

Establishments refusing compliance with Company Policy of Accountabilitly should be documented in the usual manner as per Company Policy of Accountability, and subsequently should be furnished with Request For Deletion (RFD) Form 698,

2.1 Corrupt, Dishonest, or Uncooperative Shopkeeper or Other Establishment Owner Report to Central Database of Suspect Establishments.

In the event that there is suspected theft of Intellectual Property, or theft of Humanistic Property, and you are obstructed from collecting evidence of this theft, you must report this obstruction to Company at once. A central database is maintained which lists corrupt, dishonest, or uncooperative establishments, especially those dealing in narcotics, or having known ties to organized crime.

If possible, you should verify the integrity of the establishment prior to doing business, so that you can avoid doing business with such corrupt or dishonest organizations.