EXISTech Corporation's Policy and Procedure for Protection of Corporate Mail

EXISTech Safety Management Organization (SMO) Member Rules and Regulations

In recognition of certain benefits such as reduced rates for insurance, EXISTech Corporation does business only with honest, reputable, and acountable law-abiding organizations.

For safety and security you must document location, establishment name, address, etc., and where possible, you must photograph the circumstances of the establishment, especially lesser known establishments. These photographs must be submitted wirelessly to your SMO by way of the cellular telephone modem attached to your company-issued camera.


Criminal organizations such as those owned by organized crime members, money laundering casinos, and biker hideouts, often prohibit photography on their premises. Should you encounter an establishment that prohibits photography, you should report this fact to your SMO, so that the establishment in question can be added to the list of suspect establishments. When purchasing food or other health-related products, you should check the list of suspect establishments and, if possible, avoid purchasing food or other products that could affect your health from criminal or other questionable establishments.