Meta, 1974 to present

Metavision (vision of vision, sensing of sensors, eXtended Reality, predecessor of augmented reality and predecessor of Metaverse) is a collection of shared virtual / extended reality inventions introduced by Steve Mann in the 1960s and 1970s (link).

Mann also created the world's first photo-sharing system on the world-wide-web in 1993, which later grew to about 6 million uses with the help of Raymond Lo.

In 2011 Professor Mann and his student, Raymond Lo, created the world's first Meta augmented reality eyeglass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

and shortly afterwards in 2012, Meta was founded by Ben Sand, Meron Gribetz, Steve Mann, and Raymond Lo, based on the technology of Gribetz and Mann (and later Lo)...

The Meta logo, hand-drawn in light, is based on a Mann's design, using his abakography = computational lightpainting (link) technique:

(Shengtong Chen in Steve Mann's office at Meta, with floor-standing Meta computer.)

......(More photos of our Meta logo)

Steve Mann's office at Meta captured by Metabakography = Abakographic imaging of abakographic imaging

Here's Steve Mann's office at Meta headquarters in Silicon Valley, California:.

with some examples of Meta-abakographic imaging metaveillance, metaveillogrammetry, metaveillography, etc.. We hope you enjoy.

Some of these images were made as a collaboration between Steve Mann and Reid Godshaw.

This is a full-resolution page (mostly high resolution images) so you can save it to PDF and print it at more than screen resolution,

Virtual Monitors for the Monitorless Office:

Making waves: Augmented reality for manipulating sound waves from a violin.

(Phenomenological Augmented Reality with the Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine)

Mind and Hand

M.I.T.'s motto is "Mens et manus" which is Latin for "Mind and Hand".

Your mind is the OS (Operating System) and your hands are the UI (User-Interface);

MINDust idea (abakographic brainwaves; still need to connect EEG electrodes to do it right):

(Manipulating an actual electromagnetic radio wave)

More images of Meron (link)

Nikhil Naik from MIT.

Phil Gossett, also from MIT,


Comparison of various cameras for abakography:

(link to more images like this one)

Late night fun: Reid, Max, and Steve at Meta:

(link to more images like these)

Self-portrait with Meta-pro

Meta group portrait (click for higher resolution .gif and high resolution still images and to see other variations of these images):

Abakographic portrait of Jayse Hansen, our Director of User Interfaces at Meta. Jayse Hansen is also Hollywoods #1 user interface designer, and creator of UIs for Iron Man 1, 3, Ender's Game, Hunger Games:

(Click for link to high-resolution still images used in this .gif animation)

Here's Chief Scientist (Steve Mann), CEO (Meron Gribetz), and Director of User Interfaces (Jayse Hanzen):

Here's Jayse with Christina Mann (daughter of Chief Scientist, Steve Mann):

Alex Peake and the Magic of Meta:

High-resolution still frames (JPEG): Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 4

Alex Peake making magic at his desk:

Matt on the "Godfather Chair":

Abakographic portraits on the "Godfather Chairs":

Here's a portrait of Contessa, made by Stephanie Mann, Age 8:
(Click for link to other similar portrait, and then scroll to bottom of that page)

Hand gestures to unlock door:

Click for higher resolution .gif and high resolution still images of individual frames: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

(Click to see animation of these images)

Brennan hanging upside-down on my fitness rings:

Friday nights we build a campfire at our corporate headquarters (HDR from 5 exposures):

(I'm the one sitting second from the left, in the black shirt and black glass.)

Here's the pool at the hotel that's nearest to Meta-View (Oak Motel). Their pool is nice but not as nice as the one we have at our corporate headquarters:

(Click for higher-resolution .gif animation and high resolution still)

(Click for more of the hotel pool and also HP Labs, Stanford Villa Apartments, etc.)

Here's the pool at our corporate headquarters:

Surveillance camera in the alley at Oak Motel:

Still frames:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Pete on the MannFit System (rings with destabilizer):

Group of people at the MannFit station (fitness rings with destabilizer):

The MannFitTM System being demonstrated at Meta:

Click for more images of the MannFit System being demonstrated at Meta

Trip to San Francisco on Friday 2014 Aug 29; Group shot:

Land's End, captured using HDR (a technique I invented back in 1992):

Click here for more pictures of Friday 2014 Aug 29 San Francisco trip

Beach trip with Raymond:

here is a link to more pictures from beach trip

Car trip with Raymond:

Click for more pictures in Raymond Lo's car

San Francisco Airport (car rental area):

Fry's Electronics: Packages of 100 single cell batteries in a 10 by 10 square array.... Stacked 10 high that's 1000 batteries:

Visit to Modulus Manufacturing, Modulus Inc.:

Veillometric abakography with reflections in hotel mirror: I bought a new Samsung surveillance camera at Fry's Electronics, and here's some veillometrics with it, as the camera's sitting on the desk pointing upwards:

Meta visit to Toronto:

ACM TEI 2015 conference at Stanford University

Steve Mann, Chief Scientist, Meta Company.