Arthur Kroker (quotes)

...the humiliating reduction of human beings to servo mechanisms

the spread of the ideology of techno culture and the hegemony of 'liberal fascism' and its swing back into 'retro fascism' as the political force...

It's about this suicical urge to feed human flesh into image processing machines, in such intensity, hyper accelaration, and suicidal seductiveness that flesh appears humiliated before it.

President Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton have a common class ambition, ... pay in order to have your body accessed.

postautism = post^2modernism 
"A chacarteristic of the virtual class is that it is autistic. It's an
au-tism n. 1. Abnormal subjectivity; acceptance of fantasy rather than 
reality. 2. A form of childhood schizophrenia characterized by acting out 
and withdrawal.-au-tis'tic adj.& n.
absolute meltdown of human beings into these autistic, historically irresponsable positions, with a sexuality of juvenile boys and being happy with machines. Shutting down the mental horizon while communicating at a global level and preaching disappearance. And why not, because you've already disappeared yourself... But as the guide
ParcTab = DogTag?
at Xerox Parc said, "Who needs the Self anyway?" Privacy for these people has always been imposed on human beings by corporations, it's not something they claim they wanted. The Xerox Parc of the future is not about copying paper anymore, but copying bodies into image processing machines. And who needs privacy in such a situation? They are not employees anymore but missionaries. Think about the various stages of repression...
fascistic class:
It is a grim and severe and deeply fascistic class because it operates by means of the disciplinary state, imposing real austerity programs in order to fund the research efforts benefitting to itself. At the same time it controls politically the working classes by severe taxation in order to make sure that people cannot be economically mobile and cannot accumulate capital in their own right.
will to powerlessness:
Reclining into the weak will, the 'Will to Powerlessness, that is the society of disappearances."
"I have to be honest with myself and it's hard to think of life without computers. I genuinely believe that these technologies, on the base of real struggle and reflexion, do offer alternative possibilities from domination, towards certain forms of emancipation.

Arthur Kroker, Michael A. Weinstein, Data Trash, the Theory of the Virtual Class, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1994.