Reflectionist masks or disguises scrutinize the scrutinizers

EXISTech Corporation's face mask protects you from face-scanning cameras, while at the same time demanding accountability from officials who may come to talk with you:

I do not talk to strangers.

Therefore you must slide a government-issued ID card through the slot on my head if you want to talk to me.
These SAFETYGLASSES prevent me from seeing or hearing you until you identify yourself!
Until you provide positive ID, the camera and microphones on my head will not be connected to my head mounted display set.

Your time is very important to me, so please wait for my next available moment!

If you would like to try to sell me a new product, press 1.
If you would like to ask me to fill out a form, press 2.
If you would like to show me an advertisement, press 3, and slide your credit card through my slot to purchase my attention.

For quality-control and training purposes, this conversation may be recorded or monitored.
If you would like to inform me that photography is not permitted on your premises, press 9, and wait for my next available moment.

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eMirrorshades: A face mask for face recognition:

Officials looking at the wearer see a reflection of themselves in the wearable web browser that's connected to a wearable web camera in the eMirrored sunglasses.

An automatic face recognition program running on the wearable computer identifies the officials who might come to talk to you when you wear this apparatus.

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