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The Purpose of this Document is to propose the Viable Marketing Models, and the Underlying Issues associable with selling Sousveillance to individuals, corporations, governments, MegaCorps and larger scale organizations with really big Purchase Order Generation Mechanisms.

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Sousveillance v. Surveillance in a Nutshell

Basically the difference is who owns the camera, and which way is it looking seems to be the principle buzz in the young man's article. The theory is that top down surveillance, the watching over, leads to the usual problems that we decay into hierarchical structures with the TOP leading and the BOTTOM being lead.

It appears that the general argument is that with the rise in more and more surveillance, there is this impolite habit of merely seeking to breed more and more terrorism, as the sole counter balancing mechanism for a system no longer openly controlled by the Masses.

The Implied solution here then is to engage the masses in Mass Agitations and the political theatre of meandering and monitoring things around them. There is some awareness of the general limitations of people wandering around in this manner. But the argument listed in the document noted below is well worth the time to be read through.

The Author Leaves it as an exercise for the reader to play connect the dots from this notion of being observant to being engaged. Hence that the Masses should get up off their asses and move first to being observant, and then, well actually holding their representatives responsible for the actions done on their behalf.

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Market Based Models

As is to be expected of the typical academic approach to the problem, there is little awareness of the actual market environment, and how to bring the economic factor to bear on the problem. Too few academics, and liberals in general understand the need to keep their eye squarely focused on the bottom line. Let alone any serious understanding of ROI (Return On Investment) and that this is what really moves the Business Community.

The Ecology Movement has slowly been able to move from mere dictatorial policy about the need to be ecologically friendly - to the market based solution where there is not only curb side recycling - but the whole process of showing that it makes not only Ideological Sense, but solid economic sense to support this growing market of FuzzyWuzzy SUV drivers with Sierra Club, EarthFirst bumper stickers.

For sousveillance to have a chance to move beyond the present stage of simple Ivory Tower speculation, it will need to be grounded in solid fiscal conservativism totally lacking in the whole Liberal Agenda being espoused in the current administration in Washington. In like manner the process will need to be shown to be a positive input in the economic recovery programme. I hope to be able to provide that small awareness here.

The first argument rests upon getting the Federal and State Governments out of their Monopolistic Practices of Surveillance. We have seen the wonders of both deregulation and the end of federal buerocratic muddling by out sourcing to the private sector things that the private sector does better. If there has been a history of economic horror brought on by Liberals heading up the government during times of war, it has been their imposition of more welfare state buerocracy, with its waste, duplication, and failure to protect the Public Purse.

Outsourcing the National Surveillance Systems to private sources cuts the cost of the Federal and State Governments by opening up the process to competitive bidding. Cutting the cost of the Federal and State Governments of course leads to ending governmental deficeit spending. The end of putting the government first at the trough of the National Money Supply is that the companies and organizations that need to raise capital to invest in new products, goods and services, are no longer competing with the governments leveraged position. So the overall cost of money goes down. Since the Government is not spending beyond what it needs to provide its constitutionally mandated services, the tax rates for all citizens shrinks to the minimum needed to keep the government functioning. Thus freeing up funds for consumers to spend on products, goods and services, provided by companies that are now able to raise the capital to provide them.

sousveillance, if anything, is a rallying cry to return to our entrepreneurial based approach to solving large and complex problems. The one size fits all solutions provided by government and MegaCorps are not nimble or fast enough to adjust to the vagaries in various locales. This of course leads to the whole niche market where entreprenuers, focused on their core expertise, provide the consumers with the specific products, goods, and services tailored to their locale.

As some have noticed in the finger pointing that has occurred since 9/11, the super sekret kabal of the holy illuminati of the National Surveillance Services clearly dropped the ball on staying on top of how everything was going. There was no 'in place' solution for preventing the problem. Nor, as many have noticed, was there even a plan or process. So while the Directorate of the People's Homeland Defense Organizations was still trying to figure out what to put between "highest" and "none" - the entreprenerial arts out in the heartland of america had already cranked up the T-Shirt and Memorobilia Factories to generate the collectibles that everyone in america just needed to buy.

Given the Minor OOPSIE of the Aurthur Andersen Auditing of the Enron Books, we likewise find that clearly allowing MegaCorps to oversee MegaCorps has not been the brightest idea on the planet. As such, when the litigation dies down, and the grave threat of more massive governmental interferance in the market subsides, many of the MegaCorp heads will finally figure out that it will be much more cost effective to support the growing sousveillance movement as a basis of providing the growing need for a sense that someone is REALLY watching the helm while the Executives are out on the Golf Courses drinking their Three Martini Bizniz Lunches.

The core enron crisis of course is that the ESOP (Employee Stock Option Programmes) and 401(k) programmes had moved the process along from mere ownership by the elites to the growing exposure of the prolitarian masses to being the owners of the means of production. Had the plebian masses of underlings and flunkies not held a stake in the corporation, this would merely have been a crisis of the good old boys doing the good old boys.

So clearly having the People Monitor Themselves can hardly do any worse than the complete failure of the WelfareState to provide this service for them. If anything it will restore the market based solutions that americans actually do so well. It would end decades of government waste, and refocus who were the watchers watching whom. Where neccessary it would also create new jobs for people who could now be full time employee's engaged in watching out for stuff.

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The Sekret Agenda Revealed

Let us think about this process for a moment. Why would anyone be advocating the end of the Corporate Welfare State? Are these People Not Terrorists enabling

The International Dark Night of the Evil Doers.
{ soon to be a major motion picture. }

That of course is JUST too Obvious. That is what they Want you to think.

What if this REALLY is the leakings from The President's Council on Physical Fitness?

Which we all know is where the SuperSekretKonspirakii really resides.

Let us step back and review what we know about these folks. Their argument makes sense in the usual Get Big Government Off Our Backs. It is not about the usual trendy liberal solution of providing Community Based Policing. The Implication remains that we move first from Observation to Action.

So how are they going to implement this type of Solution in the long run?

Where can the people, without a lot of massive governmental oversight, maintain their own vigilance about what is going on in their Community? Where are the people able to keep in touch with each other about possible changes and the consequences of those changes? What sort of social setting allows for the full tilt Sousveillance to be effectively Implemented!

Mayberry RFD!

Yes, that's right! These folks are just more of the Typical Psuedo Rightwing Reactionaries harkening back to the lost days of small town america, with the main street, and the Aunt Bee's, and the happier kinder way of life.

But let's take a look a little deeper into the Sinister Plot brewing here.

As everyone remembers from the TV show - Barney Fife was only allowed to carry around One Bullet! in his shirt pocket.

Clearly if these Evil Ones are allowed their way, our nation will be pushed back into the dark ages of pre-colorized pleasantville americana where the local police force runs around almost totally disarmed. Which of course is precisely what the Space Aliens Want! They want a small town america without the Macintosh laptops that will be able to upload the super sekret computer viruses into their mothership and cause all of them to become defenseless.

It is all too clear to the observant when You Step Back and look at it!

You have been Warned

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