The MannFit Board

  1. Invention title: MannFit Board.
    The "ᛗann⨍iτ™" logo design is based on:
    • the letter "ᛗ" ("Mann") from the Old English alphabet (before the introduction of the Latin alphabet to English), which means "human";
    • the integral sign, "⨍"; and
    • the Greek letter "τ" ("tau") which is usually used as a time-ingration variable.
  2. Summary explanation -- how it works: A special exercise board is used for exercises like pushups, chair pushups, fitness ball pushups, and the like. The board embodies an inherent instability which requires the user to keep it steady, and therein is the magic of the MannFit system. Sensors in the board's destabilizer measure the degree to which the user is able to combat this instability. This develops a new kind of fitness that combines strength + endurance with dexterity + precision + accuracy + fine motor control. Like doing arm wrestling and brain surgery at the same time!
  3. Example commercial applications: home fitness; fitness clubs or gyms; hotel fitness centers, etc..
    Another commercial market is gaming. The MannFit Board can be used as a steering mechanism in a driving game where the game then requires (and thus develops) simultaneously these 3 components:
  4. Link to technical papers associated with the invention: Integral Kinematics (Time-Integrals of Distance, Energy, etc.) and Integral Kinesiology, IEEE GEM2014. Additional link: General description.

    The MannFit Board is based on an important new breakthrough in basic physics, kinematics, and kinesiology by S. Mann, in which use is made of the time-integrals of distance. All other previous work in kinematics and kinesiology is based on distance and its time-derivatives only. Mann's discovery of integral kinematics came about as a result of inventing the world's first underwater musical instrument which works on integrated distance. Others in the scientific community are building on Mann's concept of integral kinematics, for which he coined the term "absement". See for example, Memory Elements: A Paradigm Shift in Lagrangian Modeling of Electrical Circuits

  5. Patent applications filed or issued: Patent pending. A Canadian patent, with full set of claims, was filed 2014 Oct 22. There is still time to file a US patent and PCT or to file in other countries, before the 1 year "grace period" is up. The patent application covers numerous related concepts reduced to practice and related embodiments, such as the MannFit bar.
  6. Prototypes constructed: Several working prototypes have been constructed by S. Mann and B. Mann.
  7. Further possibilities: This work can be extended and deepened, if desired, by bringing in Ryan Janzen (about to finish his PhD and would be available to join this effort at an optimal time), on this invention, as well as Ming-Chang Tsai, Olympic athlete, coach, and connections to Olympic teams.
Here is a brief biography on the inventor, Steve Mann; and also Wikipedia has more info on the inventor.

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