Mannlab division for health and fitness;

(Mannlab Santa Clara)

Inventrepreneurship (Invention + Entrepreneurship):

(Here is a brief biography on Steve Mann; see also Wikipedia entry.)

We're forming fitness companies based on the principle of Integral Kinesiology, a revolutionary new extension of the basic physics of kinematics.

  1. The MannFit System: Revolutionary new approach to physical fitness.
  2. The MannFit Board: A product for physical fitness.
  3. There is also a musical instrument/outstrument that's based on this principle as well, and it can be used to combine absement-based water therapy with music therapy:
    Hydraulophone (world's first underwater musical instrument):
  4. Water Hammer Hydraulophone:
  5. WOIP (Water Over Internet Protocol):
  6. Mersivity: Immersive and Submersive Reality
  7. Andantephone:
  8. Hyperacoustic Instruments ("Scratch Input"):
  9. Fluidi; "Fluid User Interface" protocol:
  10. Hydraulikos. See also concept and greenlab and "teach beach" concepts.