1. Invention title: Veillometer
  2. Summary explanation -- how it works: The veillometer measures exposure to "veillance" (i.e. exposure to surveillance or sousveillance), much like a dosimeter measures exposure to radiation or sunlight. For example, the veillometer can take the form of a neckworn device that measures how much a person is being watched, photographed, or surveilled. The veillometer can also accurately measure the amount (and distribution) of surveillance in a room, facility, street, city, or the like.
  3. Example commercial applications:
    Security, Insurance, Health & Safety, For personal safety, public safety, health and safety: Cinematography: Gaming:
  4. Links to technical papers associated with the invention: Sensing, to Measure Surveillance and Sousveillance, Veillance Dosimeter. See also related work+inventions, e.g. Veillance Wand, The Sightfield, pictures, etc..
    Related work: Using this invention in a 3D AR game play environment and also abakography. Related press coverage: This Light-Painting Wand Illuminates the Gaze of Security Cameras.
  5. Patent applications filed or issued: Patent in progress, to be filed.
  6. Prototypes constructed: Several working prototypes have been constructed but additional work is required regarding industrial design, ruggedization, and other improvements.
  7. This invention is jointly developed by S. Mann and Ryan Janzen, who would be equal partners in commercialization efforts. The veillametrics invention can be extended and deepened, if desired, by including a few other developers who are already skilled in the art of veillometrics.