Abakographic gameplay with veillance

  1. Invention title: Veillance Games
  2. Summary explanation -- how it works: Veillance (the "seeing" capacity of a camera) is used for interactive 3D AR (Augmediated Reality) gameplay, and other sensor and vision-based games. An inventive concept here is the combination of a "camera gun" (a game piece that "emits" veillance -- the capacity to see) and a device that can sense sensing or see sight (such as the Veillance Wand or Veillance Dosimeter. Points are scored by "shooting" an opponent with a camera gun. The shooter loses points if their camera gun is detected taking a picture (i.e. an opponent can "rat out" a shooter by using a Veillance Wand or Veillance Disimter to catch the shooter in the act of shooting).
  3. Example commercial applications: As a gaming device, the invention creates a new future in reality-based 3D AR gaming, electronic games, sensory games, and game exercise and fitness play, creating a large market sector. Gaming applications of this invention can be regarded as part of the Veillance Wand invention, or as a separate invention.
  4. Link to technical papers associated with the invention: "The Sightfield". Additional link: pictures taken with the invention. Related work: Using this invention in a 3D AR game play environment and also Measuring Veillance and abakography. Press coverage: This Light-Painting Wand Illuminates the Gaze of Security Cameras.
  5. Patent applications filed or issued: Patent pending. A provisional US patent, with full set of claims, was filed Sunday2014may04. There is still time to file a PCT or to file in other countries, before the 1 year "grace period" is up on 2015 May 04. Other previous patents have already been granted.
  6. Prototypes constructed: Several working prototypes have been constructed but additional work is required regarding industrial design, ruggedization, and other improvements.
  7. Further possibilities: As mentioned above, gaming applications of this invention can be regarded as part of this Veillance Wand invention, or as a separate invention: VeillanceGames.

    The Veillance Games invention can be extended and deepened, if desired, by including one of my PhD students, Ryan Janzen, also a co-creator of veillometrics.