Glogger (CYBORGlogger, Cyborg Logger)

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  1. Invention title: Glogger (CYBORGlogger = Cyborg Logger)
  2. Summary explanation -- how it works:
    Glogger is the world's first photo sharing website.

    In 1993, S. Mann invented the world's first wireless webcam, and was the first person in the world to wirelessly transmit pictures to the WWW World Wide Web.

    This Wearable Wireless Webcam grew to be the world's first photo and video sharing website, and the world's first "mobile logging" ("moblogging") site. [Evidence: Cool Site of the Day, 1995, and world's first can be attested also to Joi Ito's history of Mobile Blogging or "moblogging",]

    Glogger is presently operated out of University of Toronto where the world's first mobile app lab was created by S. Mann in 1999. See also Canadian Business Week, Feb. 2007.

    Presently Glogger has more than 200,000 users directly, and also Glogger been used under a "white label" of others with millions of users.

    Glogger is more than just a photo/video sharing website. It also brings together the world's leading practitioners of mobile and wearable computing. In the early 1990s, Mann applied for, and obtained, a 100kHz spectral allocation through the New England Spectrum Management Council, 445.225MHz, for his "community of cyborgs", and grew the world's first social networking site for wireless communications.

    Presently this work and expertise can be taken to market, as there is no other site yet optimized for use with wearable computing and shared AR (Augmediated Reality).

    The present site needs to be brought back to life, and managed, with some business expertise.

  3. Example commercial applications:
    Social networking, safety, health, wellness, personal security, etc.. Mobile computing, wearable computing, experience sharing, 3D AR experience capture and sharing. See also, related invention, PSD (Personal Safety Device).
  4. Link to technical papers associated with the invention:Cyborglogging with camera phones: Steps toward equiveillance
    Video Orbits
    • General non-technical description: Canadian Business Week, Feb. 2007
  5. Patent applications filed or issued:
    • US Patent 5,706,416
    • System, method and computer program for capturing, sharing, and annotating content WO 2009052618 A1.
    • Other patents in-progress.
  6. Prototypes constructed: Several working prototypes have been constructed by S. Mann, but additional work is required regarding industrial design and other improvements.
  7. Further possibilities: This work can be extended and deepened, if desired, by bringing in Raymond Lo (now CTO of our startup, Meta, makers of Spaceglasses), Mir Adnan Ali, and Ryan Janzen on this invention. See also related inventions: VMP (Visual Memory Prosthetic), and Vericop.
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