Alibi Sousveillance:

Cryptographic 2-way time-stamping

Below are some figures from the technical paper on alibi sousveillance:

  1. Invention title: Alibi Sousveillance
  2. Summary explanation -- how it works:
    Presently time-stamps only work in a one-sided way: you submit something to show it existed at the time the stamp was given.

    Our invention bounds the time in both directions, e.g. to prove that a video or photograph or other data was captured within a certain time bound: neither before or after that range of time.

    Cryptographic elements can depend on a BITCOIN blockchain which can't be forged (i.e. history can't be rewritten).

    This is very useful for wearable cameras, for example, to make timecodes easily proveable by any third party.

  3. Example commercial applications:
  4. Link to technical papers associated with the invention: (See bottom of Page 55 and Page 56).
  5. Patent applications filed or issued: In progress.
  6. Prototypes constructed: Several working prototypes have been constructed by S. Mann and Mir Adnan Ali, but additional work is required for commercialization.
  7. Further possibilities: This work is done jointly by S. Mann and Mir Adnan Ali.
Here is a brief biography on the inventor, Steve Mann; and also Wikipedia has more info on inventor S. Mann.

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