Inventions for projects (ECE516, MEng, or MEng ELITE, EngSci, n36, NSERC USRA, etc.)

Working in Steve Mann's Inventrepreneurship Lab

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  1. Veillance Wand: Makes visible the otherwise hidden sightfield of surveillance cameras.
  2. Veillance Games: Abakographic gameplay.
  3. Actistor
  4. Veillometer, A device that measures how much surveillance or sousveillance a person has been exposed to [R. Janzen = co-inventor]:
  5. Surveillicopter, drones that map out sightfields of surveillance cameras:
  6. Ayinometer: The eye test for the 21st Centry, rendering optometry obsolete.
  7. The MannFit System: Revolutionary new approach to physical fitness.
  8. The MannFit Board: A product for physical fitness.
  9. MannGlas™ Welding Helmet:
  10. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging and CCRF (Comparametric Camera Response Function) [M. A. Ali = co-inventor]:
  11. The Chirplet Transform and other mathematical breakthroughs:
  12. Hydraulophone (world's first underwater musical instrument):
  13. Water Hammer Hydraulophone:
  14. WOIP (Water Over Internet Protocol):
  15. Andantephone:
  16. Hyperacoustic Instruments ("Scratch Input"):
  17. Glogger (CYBORGlogger): Share what you see (world's first picture sharing website):
  18. VMP (Visual Memory Prosthetic)
  19. BlindVision: A seeing aid for the blind
  20. Safety First™ PSD (Personal Safety Device):
  21. Alibi Sousveillance
  22. VeriCop
  23. Cygraphy (Cybernetic Photography):
  24. Cygraphy (Cybernetic Photography) Easel:
  25. Wearable Computing:
  26. Video Orbits:
  27. Seeing Eye-to-Eye:
  28. Priveillance Technology, Priveillant Systems, and Priveillant Devices: