Humanistic Intelligence Accelerator

The purpose of the "Humanistic Intelligence Accelerator" is to invent technology for humanity, i.e., Inventrepreneurship (Invention + Entrepreneurship). Specifically, Mannlab exists to create and commercialize patents in which Steve Mann is inventor, or one of the inventors, i.e. to invent as well as co-invent the future for a better humanity based on HI (Humanistic Intelligence).

Mannlab brings in raw talent to either advance existing Mannlab inventions, or to co-invent, and possibly recieve "inmentorship" (inventional mentorship) from Mann at one of the 3 locations (Toronto, Silicon Valley, or Shenzhen) where Mann frequents.

Mannlab has two main divisions:

  1. A vision division, based mainly in Shenzhen, China, that will create the technology used by self-driving cars, surveillance cameras, handheld cameras, wearable cameras, and real/virtual/augmented realities.
  2. A fitness division, based mainly in Silicon Valley, California, that will commercialize a breakthrough in basic physics, based on the time-ingeral of distance (area under the time-distance curve), as embodied in inventions such as the Mannfit fitness board, the hydraulophone for combining water therapy with music therapy, etc.

About Mannlab:

Mannlab has locations in Toronto, Shenzhen, and Silicon Valley, California.

See also, Mannlab website. Here is a brief biography on Steve Mann, Chairman+CEO of Mannlab; see also Wikipedia entry.